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1. Chronic Disease Care
Chronic Diseases are the nation’s leading cause of morbidity and mortality. These conditions affect individuals physically or mentally, lasting more than one year and results in functional restrictions and requires ongoing monitoring and treatment. Chronic diseases including; diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer, can cause long term disability, reduced quality of life and death. Instituting proper management and maintaining control of these conditions is paramount to positive outcomes. At JustMedz, we recognize the various challenges persons face in attaining optimal control of their medical conditions, as well as their need for continuous support. As such, our team is committed to working with you to improve chronic disease management and to assist you on your journey to a healthier and longer life. We offer services for such chronic diseases as follows:
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Prostate problems (including changing of In-dwelling Urinary Catheter)
  • and much more….
  • 2. Acute and Emergency Care
    At JustMedz, our staff is ready to assist with illnesses that have an acute onset or those which require urgent medical attention. From urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, allergic reactions and minor injuries, to more serious health conditions such as asthma attacks as well as lacerations that require suturing.
    3. Preventative Care
    We know that, ‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.’ When was the last time you had a PAP smear? What is your risk of heart disease? Are you at high risk for breast cancer? Preventative care helps to detect or prevent the occurrence of diseases and medical problems before they occur or become serious. Many diseases such as cervical, prostate, breast and colon cancers are responsive to treatment when detected early. At JustMedz, we will conduct a thorough annual check-up as well as conduct or request relevant screening tests based on individual risk.
    4. Medicals
    At JustMedz, we conduct medicals for:
  • School (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Employment
  • Driver’s License
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Court
  • 5. Wound Care
    Wound Care services offered include:
  • Wound evaluation and management
  • Cleaning and bandaging
  • Debridement of wounds (i.e. the removal of unhealthy or dead tissue that prohibits the healing of wounds)
  • Coordination of advanced surgical or medical care if deemed necessary
  • 6. Minor Surgical Procedures
    We conduct minor surgical procedures including; suturing of lacerations, incision and drainage of abscesses, removal of ingrown toenail and other foreign bodies.
    7. STI Testing and Management
    Do you know your status? Come to our facility and have your HIV and VDRL Rapid tests done today. The tests are conducted in the strictest of confidence.
    8. Home Visits

    Our team at JustMedz understands your concerns and is responsive to your needs, especially at a time when so many persons are afraid to step outside their homes. If you are unable to come to us, we are willing and prepared to come to you. Give our office a call and schedule your appointment today.


    Our facility offers the dental care your family may need, from general to paediatric care, we will take you through examinations to minor oral surgeries with the following services:

  • Examination
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Extractions

    Good nutrition is key to staying your health and wellness. It is an important part of treating or managing acute or pre-existing chronic illnesses or health conditions. Having trouble with controlling your blood sugar and blood pressure? Struggling with weight loss or an eating disorder? Our registered nutritionist assists patients to increase their knowledge about healthy eating habits or for anyone who has concerns and questions about their diet, growth and development.

    Following a comprehensive assessment, let us help you to establish goals and create a personalised plan that is tailored to your specific nutritional and medical needs. We will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. Call for an appointment today.


    Physical therapy or physiotherapy aims to maintain, restore and improve your function after illness or injury. From minor muscle and joint pains, sports injuries, sprains and strains to post-operative rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, arthritis and osteoarthritis and chronic injuries, let us help you to get back to doing what you love doing and enjoy an injury-free lifestyle. Our registered physiotherapist deals with patients of all ages and varying degrees of health conditions,

    evaluates the physical needs and abilities of each individual to find the underlying causes of muscle, joint or nerve issues through a combination of therapeutic exercises and hands-on treatment techniques, all while getting you involved in your own therapy. We will help relieve pain and improve mobility and function.


    Ultrasounds are non-invasive imaging procedures that involve no exposure to radiation. In an effort to deliver a wide range of services at your convenience,

    JustMedz offers ultrasound services at very competitive prices with an impeccable turnaround time of less than 24 hours. Same day reporting is also available for medical emergencies. Call 876-754-3979 or 876- 382-6533 to make an appointment.


    The IMed /JustMedz Laboratory offers a full range of laboratory services.
    Yes, up to 30% discount on laboratory services


    If you are a civil servant and short on funds to carry out tests costing over Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000), we can make arrangements with our partner, First Union Financial Company Limited to assist you with your cost for which you will repay them via Salary Deductions. We have worked out a no-interest-rate regime for you on monies Advance on your behalf to IMed Laboratory however, you will pay a minimal processing fee upfront for the credit facility. The maximum period allotted to repay your advance will only goes up to three (3) months. There are conditions that will apply to your request for advance payment however, First Union Financial Company Limited will be the entity that determine what are those conditions.


    ECG (electrocardiograms) are also done daily by appointment or walk-in.


    The JustMedz Medical Centre is a government approved COVID-19 Antigen testing site. Testing is available daily by appointment or walk-in.


    JustMedz has partnered with DNA Solutions, a US base company that is an internationally licensed and accredited DNA Consultant and is now offering paternity and maternity testing.